Monster Rally – “Sunflower EP”

“You’re now walking through the busy streets of Tokyo’s bustling Ginza, sampling the familiar and unfamiliar delights of Japan.” An evocative spoken-word intro gives way into the booming hip-hop exploration of street music that is “Chin-don-ya,” opening track of LA-based Monster Rally’s Sunflower EP (free on his bandcamp). Drippy piano lines are drizzled across the skyline of second track “Hazy Palava,” and tinkling bells lower the focus of our mental camera to a geisha girl training to the music of a shamisen in an exotic garden. It’s hard to say that the songs are totally rooted in the Orient, though; sampled jazz chords and snare hits provide an unmistakably mature and confident international groove to accompany the voice-overs. Closing track “Sunflower” is introduced by what we assume is the “flute of the noodle vendor,” a warbling cry that is later mimicked by swooning synth orchestrations as the track picks up speed. The EP clocks in around twelve minutes, definitely leaving the listener wanting a longer excursion in Tokyo – inquisitive minds can find an intimidating number of earlier releases on his bandcamp. 

Jonathan Ben-Menachem

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